Native Speaker Communications

This client (Native Speaker Communications based in London) wanted to improve his finance but he did not know how to do it. What did we do?

  • Act: Collect all data regarding the financial situation and its processes
  • Plan: Find solutions for a better cash-flow and to be more profitable
  • Do: Change the price list with fewer discounts and higher prices
  • Check: Control the implementation of these changes and their results
  • Act: Diversify the number of customers, put in place tools for invoicing and cash-flow forecast, management of freelancers...


    • Improvements of the financial results
February 2018 March 2018 April 2018 Trend between February and April 2018
Monthly margin +47.8% +30.6% +54.4% +6.5 pts
    • Sales analysis by customers / countries, currencies...
Sales analysis Sales analysis
    • Decrease of the impact of exceptional sales
Sales analysis
    • New cost estimation (as presented on the right), made with Google forms, to quickly estimate the cost of their requests
Request form Cost estimation sheet
SurveyDemand request Cost estimation template

"Matthieu helped me to spot potential risks and discover how I could improve my tools to become more aware of risks and opportunities day-to-day."

Nick Holden - CEO

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