Eliminate wastes

In your company, you could have waste that you would like to reduce and you do not know how to perform this action? We could help you eliminate wastes using the 5S methodology.

Regarding the Toyota Production System (TPS), there are seven types of waste:

  • Overproduction
  • Time on hand (waiting)
  • Transportation
  • Processing itself
  • Stock on hand (inventory)
  • Movement
  • Making defective products


5S is a workplace organization methodology, to structure the workspace and its effectiveness by identifying and storing the main items used, maintaining the area and its items, and sustaining the new order. It is one principle of standardization.

5S means:

  • Sort (Seiri - 整理): Classify all items regarding their frequency of usage
  • Set In Order (Seiton - 整頓): With your team, define the optimal place of each items to do not generate waste (space, time, money,...)
  • Shine (Seiso - 清掃): On the daily basis, to keep the workplace safe and easy to work
  • Standardize (Seiketsu - 清潔): Maintain high standards in workplace organization at all times and the best practices
  • Sustain (Shitsuke - 躾): Follow the depoyment of the standard and improve it by listening feedbacks


Example at the coworking Rynek 28

Have you already try to reduce your seven wastes with the 5S methodology? What were your results with this action? Please, feel free to contact our consultant.


Our consultant, Matthieu LEGER, will help you eliminate losses within your structure.


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