Increase productivity

To have an increase in productivity within your company, a Japanese methodology named Hoshin (保身) could be used. We might support you to put in place this workshop activity, carried out with a multi-disciplinary team. This method will help us to reorganize a production line by analyzing your times and processes to obtain a better workflow.

  • Act: Collect all data considered in the process (people, equipment, space, time,...)
  • Plan: After a time analysis, with your team find solutions to improve your processes
  • Do: Implement the change decided with the team
  • Check: Verify if the implementation does not generate blocking in your process
  • Act: Correct all mistakes which can occur and improve continuously the workflow to reduce your wastes

The results obtained on line

From an automotive industry in Poland:

  • Space reduction by 30%
  • Decrease of sewing machine by 2
  • Increase of productivity by 15%
  • Operators happy and motivated

Value Stream Mapping & Analysis (VSM / VSA): Another Tool for an increase in productivity

Value Stream Mapping & Analysis are paper and pencil tools. These lean methodologies are used to analyze and improve the flow of information and/or materials required to realize a product or a service. These tools take into account not only the activity but information systems and management that support the basic process. These tools are helpful if you want to reduce your cycle times and improve your productivity.

Business Process Mapping Notation (BPMN)

The Business Process Mapping Notation or BPMN is generally used to map all steps from one process by identifying all actors, all tasks, all tools and files used. It will help you to understand the flow between from the beginnig to the end between your actors and task. This diagram will help you to find some improvements opportunities but as well the potential risks within.

Below, an example of Business Process Mapping.

The Business Process Mapping is generally used for administrative activities.

Have you already try to use Hoshin / Value Stream Analysis to improve your productivity? What were your results with this action? Please, feel free to contact our consultant.


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