Just-In-Time (Kanban)

Kanban (看板) or Just-In-Time is a method deployed by Toyota during the late 1940s with "cards" or "visual signals". The card system is used as signal steps in the manufacturing process and to produce your exact needs. This tool will allow you to communicate easily with the team/workers on what work has to be done. The use of Kanban will help you to redefine processes and standardize your work. It will maximize your value and help you to reduce your wastes (times, materials, spaces,...). By using this tool, you will follow the Just-in-time principles.

Kanban follows four principles:

  • Continuous Improvement
  • Focus on Flow
  • Limit Work in Process
  • Visualize Work

Example of Kanban or Just-In-Time

Have you already try to use a Kanban in production to improve your workflow? Have you always delivered your works/products "just-in-time" (without backlogs)? Please, feel free to contact our consultant.


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