Improve data processing

Manage and improve data processing is crucial for your business. Indeed, it is the basis of all cycles for your performance's improvement but also to control it.

With your own system or with tools that we can offer you, we will automatize the data analysis for your activity (with Power BI, Excel and Macro). Your analysis will be more efficient and faster. Furthermore, visual management (Pareto analysis,...), your reports will be clearer and more useful in making better decisions. It has to be used everywhere within your business (Finance, Human Resources, Logistic, Production, Quality, Purchasing,...).



Application form Cost Estimate Sheet
Template for a surveyTemplate for a demand request Template for a cost estimation
Competitor Analysis Sales analysis
Map for competitors analysis Map for sales analysis
Lockers management Holidays / Time management
Layout to manage lockers Timesheet and calendar to manage holidaysPlanning to manage holidays


Business Process Mapping Notation (BPMN)

The Business Process Mapping Notation or BPMN is generally used to map all steps from one process by identifying all actors, all tasks, all tools and files used. It will help you to understand the flow between from the beginnig to the end between your actors and task. This diagram will help you to find some improvements opportunities but as well the potential risks within.

Below, an example of Business Process Mapping.

The Business Process Mapping is generally used for administrative activities.

Have you already try to improve your data processing? What were your results with this action? Did you use macros / VBA for that? Please, feel free to contact our consultant.


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