Boost your performances with a Lean organization!

Reducing costs is one of the goals that entrepreneurs and managers want to reach. We will help you to achieve it with the Lean and Continuous Improvement methodology.

Our consultant, Matthieu LEGER, will help you to boost your performance and and reach Excellence with Continuous Improvement

What is the Lean / Continuous Improvement Methodology?

Continuous Improvement in a business is like a crankset on a bicycle, you have to do several cycles to move forward and to be balanced. Like a cyclist, you have to perform the first act to launch the process.

To start the Lean process in a business, your first ACTION is to collect data to detects opportunities of improvements. This first action has to come from top management if you want to launch successfully the process and your teams embrace the lean culture.

After a brainstorming, you have to PLAN by choosing your priorities of improvements and DO immediade actions to protect your customers and business. Then, CHECK your immediade actions done before deploying LONG-TREM ACTIONS.

Following my diagnosis and your own needs, I offer you several actions which will help you to reduce your costs and reach excellence, within your business.

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Feedbacks from our customers

To perform improvements or Kaizen (改善) in your business, you have to be close to:

  • The real place where things happen (GEMBA - 現場)
  • With real data (GEMBUTSU - 現物)
  • With the reality (GENJITSU - 現実).

Go and see are the best way to help your people and your business to reach Excellence.

A small game named Lean Bicycle Factory exists on internet to dicover few principles of Lean Manufacturing.

A brief history of Kaizen and Lean mindset

Everybody knows the car maker Toyota, right? Well, the lean philosophy was developed within this manufacture in Japan by Taiichi Ohno (1912-1990) who was an engineer there. He helped Eiji Toyoda (1913-2013) to implement the Jidoka, the Just-in-Time method and the Toyota Production System. With their actions, they spreaded the culture of Continuous Improvement through the group and helped Toyota to reach Excellence and improve its financial results. For example, with this principle and their Obeya room, they are able to launch a new model faster than their competitors.



So, have you already used Lean / Kaizen to boost and improve your organization?


Please, feel free to contact your consultant.

Matthieu LEGER, your Lean consultant
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