Le grain, monnaie locale

This association (Native Speaker Communications based in Le Havre) had a problem with their invoicing and needed to spend less time on it. What did we do?

  • Act: Collect all data about invoicing (conditions, terms...)
  • Plan: Think about how to simplify the workflow and how to reduce the processing time
  • Do: Put in place a database automatized to manage the invoicing process
  • Check: Control the implementation of these changes
  • Act: Correct all issues from the invoicing, put in place the payment's control and cash movements with the bank (in term of local currency)


  • New system to manage members
  • Template to input new members

    Member management - Input Form

    Automatic invoice for members

    Member management - Invoicing

    Template to perform payments
    Member management - Payment Form
    Automatic receipt of payment for members
    Member management - Receiving
  • New system to control the cash to the bank
  • Template to perform a currency withdrawal or deposit
    Currency stock management - Stock's movement
    Automatic cash balance by type of banknotes
    Currency stock management - Balance

"Time freed by these improvements allowed to our people to be more focused on other subjects more valuable for the association and to allow the launch of local currency on time."

Serge Delamare - Co-President

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