Visual management

The Visual management is all visual tools which might help your people to perform their job properly with a minimum of time. It will help you to reduce wastes in your process.

For your customers and/or service providers, it will help them to go directly to the right place without losing a lot of time. Visual management might be used as well to collect data from customers and encourage you to improve your quality level and reach Excellence.


Examples of visual management

Template for customer satisfaction

Used by a polish company to encourage customers for feedbacks

Informative template at Coworking Rynek 28

Used by the Coworking Rynek 28 to have easy access to the customer survey

Template to present data on production lines

Template for KPIs, used in production to follow scraps and target's achievements


Have you already try to use visuals to improve your workflow and productivity? What were your results with this action? Please, feel free to contact our consultant.


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